Dr. Khoo Sui Yang, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University, Australia. Prolific researcher in control systems, industrial electronics, machine learning, robotics with many technical and research papers published in IEEE, Automatica, AEEE, etc.

“I hire Mr. Chin to teach my son O level physics and maths (London University, now Edexcel). He has a learning problem and a teaching problem from an international school in Ampang. I think my son is a slow learner but he develop interest and progress fast. A year later , my younger son comes under his tutelage. Mr. Chin helps a lot. He saved me the headache of constantly scouting for a good tutor. We have him for three years.” Mrs Wong, Setiawangsa, year 2000.

“I cannot thank you too much. My son has attention deficit syndrome, has poor concentration on studying. Tutors quit because of discipline and learning problems. Mr. Chin is patient enough and taught the essential maths for my son to get through IGCSE.” Mrs Lim, Damansara Heights, year 2003.

“Thank you Mr. Chin for Physics A (A level). My son is going to Imperial College this coming September to do electrical engineering.” Puan Zainab, Kuala Lumpur, 2004.

“Teacher, I am not good at writing. I send you this…”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Mrs Ho, Setiawangsa, 2016.

“I cannot believe it when my daughter scores 100 percent for S1 paper for Maths (Edexcel). Six months earlier she got 60 marks for statistics and got me worried. I called Raymond to help. Raymond forecasted 85 percent  on average one month before the exam. High side was 90 percent if in luck. My daughter is now a practising accountant in Australia.” Mrs Chandran, Old Klang Road, 2005.

“I knew Raymond is a capable tutor. He was my sister family home tutor for two years. Although I have a good tutor, finally I cannot tahan his discipline problem. Raymond is a professional. Tuition time is serious learning. He is punctual. He has the knowledge at his fingertips. My son and daughter benefit a  lot from his motivation stories. They got through SPM and A level with flying colours.”Mrs Goh, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, 2006.

“I never have tuition. In my first year electrical engineering in University of Cambridge I was sick for two weeks. When I was back for summer holiday I desperately needed someone to teach me BJT and FET transistors which I missed in class. I got Mr. Chin through a friend who had taken A-level from him. He was fantastic. His knowledge of semiconductor physics was excellence (ex-Motorola semiconductor device analyst). He approached the subject through mathematics, physics, circuit theory and intuition. He even gave me a bonus class in reading and analysing circuit functions from circuit diagrams. His infectious enthusiasm confirmed I have made the right choice studying electrical engineering.” Nancy, engineering manager, Swindon, England, 2005

“I fear my daughter’s study would be disrupted by frequent turnover of physics teacher in her school. To keep her occupied I called Raymond to teach her physics and maths (IGCSE). I was impressed by his punctuality and regularity. His teaching directly addressed my daughter’s deficiencies. My strong-headed daughter slowly changed his attitude towards learning. We continued with Raymond service till A level. Yes my daughter obtained good results.” Mrs Ngan, Sri Hartamas, 2007

“I was shocked when my son was barred from taking Add Maths after poor results in term tests in an international school. He wanted to be an engineer like his father. My husband through an engineer friend got Raymond to assess my son actual performance. Raymond revealed that my son has knowledge gaps at lower level maths, low maths aptitude, average rate learner but good general technical knowledge. We have one year to prepare for the final. Lesson was twice a week with Skype support. Initially it was spoon-feeding. Then he can solve 50% of assigned works. Understanding and confidence keep improving. He got a B. We retained Raymond for his A level Maths. Owing to my son slower learning rate, Raymond advised a two year program. We celebrated when he got an A for maths. Thank you, Raymond.” Mrs Woon, Subang Jaya, 2008

“My son was doing a Foundation in Engineering at a local “prestigious college”. In the first semester he always complained to me he could not understand what the Physics lecturer was doing. Worst still, many lectures were rushed in the last two weeks before the final exam. He was stressed until sick and develop insomnia. I took no chances in the second semester and hire Raymond to tutor him. I was happy to see my son knowing how to relax and improving in his study. He got a good grade in Physics and now doing electrical engineering.” Mrs Tan, Equine Park, Seri Kembangan, 2016

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