About Raymond


Hi, I’m Raymond Chin. I help young people do better in Maths and Physics. A knowledgeable full-time tutor with more than 20 years experience. Have taught and coached over 500 students to date. An electrical engineer by training.Worked in Intel Penang on microprocessor (80286) and ISDN devices for 5 years. Worked in Motorola PJ as semiconductor analytical engineer for 10 years. Lectured Maths, Engineering Maths and Physics extensively in local colleges in the Klang Valley including Nottingham University since 1995. Become a full-time tutor in year 2000. 

Degree in Electrical Engineering, Universiti Malaya, Master in Electrical Engineering, Universiti Technology Malaysia.

Education provides a vehicle for each generation of humanity to improve upon the previous. We believe that learning is possible, that nothing can keep an open mind from seeking after knowledge and finding a way to know. We are learning to make sense of things around and far away from us. With knowledge we imagine, plan and create a better existence and experience and change for the better. We seek evidence and experiment.