Worry never makes up for what hard work could have accomplished

This is a tuition blog

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This is a tuition blog

The stuff here is free. As a token of appreciation, you can post a copy of my solution once in your facebook. And let another friend know about my blog. Best of luck in your exam.

This blog is a depository of sample solution sets to questions posed by my students. If you just have a question or two that is bugging you, you can whatsapp to me. Physics, Maths, Add Maths up to pre-U level. My number 019-311-1599. Email : laplace8681@gmail.com.

The sets here is not in systematic order as I post them once I completed the question. They are mostly A level and IGCSE stuff. The workings are filled with details and explanations. As a rule, the students must show all workings. Don’t let the examiner puzzled and give him or her a hard time how you arrived at a solution.

My solutions may not be free from errors. Gladly appreciate if errors are highlighted to me. Thank you.

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